February in Review

Once again Mother Nature treated us runners pretty darn well. I am fairly certain this December, January, and February have been the best winter running I can remember. I am so excited for what that may translate to for my spring races.


Total Mileage: 112
Miles with Sara: 55
Total Miles to date: 206
Longest Run: 13.22 – Renee and Sara’s Unofficial Half Marathon
Races: 1 killer 5K!

Highest mileage month in 18 months! And it was a short month. I had a 30 mile week for the first time this year. I made it a whole year without going to an ortho doc, which is a much bigger deal than it should be. I, thankfully, remained healthy in February. I love that Sara and I have our “schedule” set. On Sunday night we both look at our runs for the week, look at our schedules and plan our morning run for the week. It is either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and always our 5.5 mile route. Sometimes it is fast, sometimes it is easy. Usually on that run we decide what the weekend plans are. Of course life tends to get in the way on the weekend and we don’t always get to run together. While I know it’s important to be able to run by myself my long runs are just not nearly as enjoyable when I am not chatting with Sara for 2 hours. The time flies and we talk about everything from the serious to things that bring us to laughter. Our completely unofficial half marathon was sub 2 hours without us even realizing it.

What’s Next?

March brings all kinds of awesomeness. It is my birthday month and yes, I say month. I will be celebrating in Milwaukee, DC and Chicago. I will be running a half marathon in New Orleans and DC. I get to see lots of friends. I have to decide what my strategy will be for two half marathons in that period of time, but I’m not overly worried. My body is used to the mileage at this point.

One thought on “February in Review

  1. WoooHoooo Happy birthday month!
    I don’t have a regular long run buddy, and when I do plan a long run with someone, it always makes me nervous, I’m going to be TOO SLOW FOR THEM!! So that’s really great that you have a buddy that makes your long runs more enjoyable.
    Congrats on the highest mileage month too!

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