A look back…and a peek forward

As I was driving out to my parents’ house on Sunday I was thinking about my upcoming trip to DC. Now this on it’s own is really not out of the ordinary. We all know I love and miss DC, but the more I thought about it (I had a forty minute drive) the more I realized how much I have grown and changed as a person over the last year. When I flew out to DC last March it was my first trip back since moving away. It was full of all kinds of emotion. I was still an emotional basket case for a number of reasons. This year I am emotionally stable and quite happy with my life. This year I just get to have a fun visit with my friends. (And run another half marathon.)

I now see Milwaukee as my home. I’m not new here any more. I have a routine, a little crazy yes, but a routine none the less. I have new friends. I keep busy (although I still like sitting on my couch and doing nothing from time to time). I don’t need my GPS to get around. I don’t say “I just moved back”. I resigned my lease.

Instead of coming of injury I am coming off one of the best races of my life and the best winter training of my life. I’m pretty excited about that. The first time I ran the National Half (2010) it was my second half marathon ever and it was on my 25th birthday. Yes, I paid money to run 13.1 miles on my birthday. It was awesome. It was the first time I broke 2 hours. Last year I was happy to run a course PR and know that I still had it in me to race 13.1 miles.

I turn 27 next week and can’t wait. My grandfather decided to point out that I will be closer to 30 and no longer in my mid twenties. Fantastic. Bring it on. My early twenties were fun, but I am not one to dwell on the past and want to relive those years. Why on earth would I want to be 21 again? I hated  celebrating 21st birthdays. Year 26 was full of fun adventures and I won’t bore you with repeating my end of the year post. Since then I added in a kick-ass trip to the Rose Bowl and all kinds of fun adventures with running buddies.

I started my birthday celebrations early this year.

I’m ready to head out to DC, run a great race and celebrate with friends.

Last year's birthday celebration in DC.

4 thoughts on “A look back…and a peek forward

  1. Loved this post. Having spent my collegiate career in Minneapolis I strongly relate to having a home away from home and finding that groove of making where you’re currently residing feel like home.

    And I’m with you – I’m perfectly fine with my late twenties and happy with what they’ve brought thus far and what’s still to come!

    Milwaukee is happy to have you 🙂

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