RnR USA – Goals and Thoughts

Now that we are two days from the race I am finally calling the race by it’s correct name, although it is on my calendar as the National Half. With Competitor taking over the race there have been changes. Some for the better, some I don’t know. With changes came outrageous whiny complaints from all corners of the internet. If you want to see what adult temper tantrums on Facebook look like just head on over to the Rock N Roll USA page. Wow people, calm down. If you don’t like the practices of a certain company or race organization don’t run the race. It’s really that simple. Many of the complaints came from people who apparently don’t know how to use the internet and can’t really read. They weren’t hiding information. It was on the website. And you know what? There were issues with last year’s race like missing mile markers. I’m guessing that won’t happen this year.

I love this race because I get to run through my city. I know the course. I have friends running. The funny thing is I don’t consider this a destination race. I don’t care that it is a Rock N Roll race. That is actually not something I think about when choosing a race. I’m not going to not run in DC now that it was bought by Competitor. Yes, the prices are outrageous if you wait to sign up, but I signed up last summer. I paid $55 to run this half marathon. That’s not bad at all.

This will be half marathon #10. I really can’t believe it. When I ran it in 2010 it was half marathon #2.


  • Have fun
  • Sub 1:55, this is not a PR weekend for me. It was less than two weeks ago that I ran an unexpected 1:52 in New Orleans. I’m really just going to listen to my body.
  • Sub 1:58 (Course PR)

This weekend is not all about the race. I am so excited to see my friends. There will be eating and drinking and relaxing and all around silliness. The advantage of a Saturday race is we run, we nap, and then we play.

2 thoughts on “RnR USA – Goals and Thoughts

  1. I read some post about the inconvenience of their packet pick up and kind of thought, “WTF?” at the person writing it. It’s no different than most big races, packet pick up is day before.
    Anyway, $55 is a deal! Enjoy the race, have fun, good luck!

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