Race Prices

I have three companies I absolutely will not race with. Two have to do with money, one because they suck and are evil. I have races I won’t run because of the prices. It just isn’t worth it to me. It may be to other people, but it isn’t to me.

Disney Races – Don’t even get me started. The prices are insane. Flat out ridiculous. Add in that I’m not a Disney person and you will never see me at a Disney race.

Rock’n’Roll Series (Competitor) – This boycott is new. And I actually still have one I am registered for this year, but their prices have become ridiculous. I received an email in the days after Rock’n”Roll USA that said this year’s participants could get a $20 discount off of next year’s race. The discounted price is $65., meaning the price for a half marathon is $85. Are you kidding me? You used to be able to sign up early for Rock’n’Roll races early and get a good deal. That is no longer true. So after Rock’nRoll St. Louis, if I even run it, I am done.

There are plenty of fun races, local and not, that you can register for and not spend an insane amount of your paycheck. The Lakefront Marathon is $75 for a full marathon. When I ran the Philadelphia Marathon in 2009 I registered at the early price for $80, again for a full marathon. There are lots of local races that do not have exorbitant fees and that is what I will be running from now on. In fact, I just paid $11 for the South Shore Half. You can’t beat that.

I have paid too much to race in the past. And it is just not worth it to me anymore.

Instead I can buy more running shoes! (Just kidding, I’m still on a self ban).

Do you have a limit? Are there specific races you will pay more for?

13 thoughts on “Race Prices

  1. You’ll never see me at a Disney race either. I think I’m a zillion percent Disney’d out! Being at the park is fun and exciting with a five year old … a 10 year not so much. I think the prices for the race are insane as well as all the travel, and of course getting up at 2 am. 😉

    Rock n Roll … I agree with you. Although, now that I’ve run one race in 2012 I’m kinda sorta interested to run Chicago in order to get the bonus medal. (so lame, I know)

    There are TONS of local races that are less expensive!!! 🙂

    1. I understand that. I’m disappointed that the double medal is the same this year as it was last year. I don’t need two of the same. Kelsey and Maureen are running Chicago.

  2. I totally agree with you. I ran a Warrior Dash last year. It was fun, but the price paid wasn’t worth it, and it didn’t go to charity. I’ll never run one again.

    Racing is expensive.

    1. Speaking of race entries going to charity, I was shocked when I got the summary email from our local RACC series last week and it said that only $3/entry went to the childhood cancer charity (I don’t know if you are local). $3 out of $25 if you register early, or $35 if you register late, that’s pretty lousy IMO.

  3. The other part about Disney is the assanine hours you need to wake up to get there. 2AM wake up calls? No thank you.
    Annnnd, you just reminded me I need to sign up for that South Shore 1/2 before it fills up!

  4. After the awful reviews of RnR Las Vegas I’d be real hesistant to run one of their races now. If it was a must location then maybe but I’d rather find a different race that may not be as mainstream.

    Plus if I want music to listen to I’ll just run with an IPod.

    1. I’ve actually never had a bad experience with them on the coordination of their events. New Orleans was flawless. And I ran RnR USA only because it used to be the National Marathon. There were market improvements from last year. The price just makes me mad.

  5. $65 is steep for an early bird fee, and it’s even rare when I’ve paid that for a regular registration. I haven’t done any RnR races. I’ll pay a little more for some of the bigger destination races if it’s a place I really want to go(GB, Madison Mini), but I only do one or two of those a year, and the rest tend to be smaller races and/or closer to home. One of the most fun and affordable races (Quad Cities half) I’ve ever done is down here in my area – $40 EB registration, $50 two days before. And paid $35 for Waukesha this weekend. Plenty of options are out there, and many are just as fun as the more expensive ones. If only more people made the choice to not pay the high fees, then the companies might listen.

  6. My theory has always been: why pay for something I can do for free every day? This personal opinion was validated by the exorbitant fee I paid for the Va Beach RNR (with discount). Dang peer pressure.

  7. I’ll never run Disney. RnR? I might go back for another race, depending on location and what the entry fee is. I did RnR Las Vegas in 2010 (before the nighttime fiasco) and I thought it was well organized. Wasn’t worth that crazy price I had to fork over though (like others mentioned…peer pressure). But there are so many more options out there that won’t break the bank. I like local, but you can find some good, not so expensive ones that you can make into a destination race.

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