Wordless Wednesday: My New House!



Consistency. This is something I have struggled with over the years in my training whether it be for triathlons or for running. I did well with swimming because that was in high school and I had to go to practice. Consistency is built in at that age. You don’t have to create it for yourself. You just show up and do what you are told.

I have found consistency again. Not just a few weeks of it, but months. It is a formed habit. I don’t skip (many) workouts. I certainly don’t skip four in a row. I follow my schedule (for the most part). I run with the most amazing running partner I could have ever imagined, which makes it all more fun. I just do it. I don’t have mental battles weekly or daily anymore. I have heard all kinds of things like it takes three weeks to form a habit. Sure, but it takes 1 day to break it and that I had no problem with in the past. I am not saying that I never have motivational issues, but that is a whole different thing.

Consistency is something I missed, a lot, from past training cycles. Consistency is probably the last word I would ever use to describe my running from last year. I would run 70 miles one month, 30 the next, 80, then 40 again. It was all over the place.

I train with a coach. I have learned that I need someone telling me what to do. It works for me. Really well this time. And I found the right coach. He gives me a lot of flexibility. I can move my workouts around to fit my life. He understands that four days of running a week is what works for me. I talk to him about distance of long runs and we can change it. He somehow always knows the right thing to say. It amazes me how often I get an email from him that just makes me smile. I also like that he is truthful on my workouts. For example this week it said “this workout is totally tough. You will have to be ready mentally & physically today, this workout will just ‘not happen’ you have to put some urgency on it and it should be a fun challenge!” He was right. I struggled, but I did it.

I don’t have a secret on how I found consistency again. It happened. Enough things in my life have fallen into place that it is just working out. I plan on riding this as long as I can.

March in Review

March was awesome. I may have overdone it a bit, but I am still so happy with my awesome PR in New Orleans. I kept myself very busy this month. I traveled a bunch, I raced a bunch and I turned a year older. All in all I very much enjoyed March. Oh and I adopted a new kitty.

Running Overview:

Total Mileage: 119
Miles with Sara: 54
Total Year Miles to date: 325
Longest Run: 15 – We crushed it on the last day of the month. I can’t believe we kept a 9:30 pace.

The 15 miler is my longest run since August 2010. It felt really great to be able to do that and not struggle. I know I have said this in many blog posts, but I am still really excited about where my training is at. December, January, February and March have all been amazing. We had ridiculous unseasonably warm weather this month. I’m talking 80 degrees in March. What? Where did that come from? We also lost our morning light thanks to daylight’s saving, and it is just starting to creep back. We got a peek at the sunrise last week. Can’t wait for the beautiful sunrises again. One of these morning either Sara or I will remember a camera. I am not racing in April, at all. I am not letting myself sign up for anything. No 5ks, no 10ks, nothing. Just some solid runs as I prepare for the Wisconsin Half in May. And since I set a PR in New Orleans I may need to reevaluate goals, but I have a month for that.
Kelsey, Mo, Me - Before RnR NOLA
Sara and Me celebrating our birthdays!
Me, TP, Lauren - So much fun to be with these ladies again