Race Week: Wisconsin Half Goals and Thoughts

Oh how time flies. What was supposed to be my A race this spring is Saturday, 5/5. I say was supposed to be my A race because I already broke all the goals I had for this race. I wanted to break 1:55 and PR for the first time since August 2010. I ran a 1:52 in New Orleans in March. I still think it was one of my best races ever. I’ve had to re-evaluate my goals this week and see what my plans for Saturday are going to be.

My goals for this week are to get enough rest and to take care of my legs. I need to be good about sleep, which is somewhat difficult having just flown back from the west coast.

Bling we will be earning!

Race Goals:

  • Break 1:55 again. We will get Sara under 1:55. She is 100% capable of running this.
  • Have a blast on a fast course.
  • Listen to my body and see what happens. You never know, it could be a New Orleans repeat.
  • Eat a brat and drink a beer at the finish line.

7 thoughts on “Race Week: Wisconsin Half Goals and Thoughts

  1. Do they have hot dogs at the finish line? Cuz I don’t like brats. Also, I am more prepared for this half than I was for my last half marathon, but that’s not saying much. I’m hoping for a 2:45 and would love a 2:30.

    1. I don’t remember if they have hot dogs. Best of luck on Saturday. Hopefully I’ll see you at the start or finish!

  2. That is a great medal!

    Your spring sounds like a carbon copy of mine. Run a time way beyond my expectations before my ‘A’ race, & now re-evaluating goals. Even the times are similar – 1:51/1:54 this year for me. Are you still planning on Madison Mini? If so, I may be seeing you a lot on the course.

    Have a great race!

    1. I am still running the Madison Mini. It will be my last race before Lakefront. See you in Madison.

      1. Madison Mini and Quad Cities/Fox Cities are my only two left after GB. Should make it a lot easier to focus. See you there.

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