April in Review

Running Overview:

Total Mileage: 101
Miles with Sara: 61
Total Miles to date: 426
Longest Run: 13.1 South Shore Half
Races: South Shore Half, kind of. I didn’t race it. I just had run running with Sara and Tracey.

April was a take it easy month for me. I ran, fewer miles than planned, but didn’t over-race or travel too much or well, anything I did in March. I had some fun runs in there. Sara and I made it back out to Lapham Peak for some trail running, which is always a good time.

Sara and I passed 200 for the year together and celebrated with a wine date. The 100 mile celebration was margaritas. Let’s see what we come up with for 300 miles.

April was also a preparation month for the Wisconsin Half. The race is on 5/5 and I already have my thoughts on that.

And I bought a house. This was really the big thing in April. Apparently I’m a grown-up now.

What’s next? May is another training month and that is something I look forward to. Hopefully another trail run, maybe some bike miles.

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