Ragnar Chicago: Under a month to go

I’ve been getting a lot of hits lately for Ragnar Chicago. The race/event/adventure, whatever you want to call it, is on June 8-9 this year. Suddenly that seems very soon. This is my second year participating. Last year’s Ragnar was an awesome, awesome adventure. We all knew right away we wanted to do it again, okay that might be a lie. We all knew relatively recently after the event  that we wanted to do it again.

We formed a team again. Mixed it up, some of the same runners, some new runners. Again, there are people on my team I don’t know. I trust it will be fantastic again. We have learned. We will still panic.

Now that we are under a month we are looking closer at the details. We rented vans months ago, we have assigned and reassigned runners, people are starting to make travel plans to get to Chicago or Madison. Soon we will all be together and it will be go time.

Things to be thinking about:

  • Double check van rentals
  • Coordinate arrivals
  • Start packing lists
  • Coordinate non-personal items
  • Make sure your volunteers are set
  • Be prepared for changes
  • Be flexible
  • Get ready for all out craziness and fun
My Team
We are Team Awesome this year. Find us on twitter @TeamAwesome12. It’s guaranteed ridiculousness. Mostly on June 8-9th, but probably also in the days leading up to Ragnar.
I welcome them all. Post in the comments and I will respond to any that I can. If you have additional advice feel free to post as well. My plan is to post a more detailed packing list as we get closer, maybe at the two week mark.
Let me know if you’re running too! What’s your team name?

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