Three Things Thursday: Memorial Day Weekend Edition


1. My best friend is coming into town. I am elated to see her. Actually making plans for the weekend has been difficult, but it will end up being beer and food, and hopefully a trip to Madison that will include beer and food. No matter what we will have fun. We could just sit in my apartment all weekend and it would be fun. I miss her all the time.

2. I need to run long this weekend, like 14-15 miles. Marie visiting never leads to me waking up early and running. I will not make this mistake again. I want to get the run in. I will get up early and run. I swear. Related: anyone want to run on Saturday?

3. I’m getting horribly impatient waiting to move, which is something new for me. I kind of hate moving and by kind of I mean loathe. My last move didn’t go so well. The move before that was a pain in the ass. But this one, I want this one. I want to be in my new house. I want to be settled. I want it now. Instead I will wait. Instead I will plan things out. Important things like when will my housewarming party be.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sarah says:

    Have a great run this weekend!

  2. If you had to run 14-15 miles you should have signed up for our toasty half marathon! 🙂 Hope you had fun this weekend!

    1. Renee says:

      I didn’t sign up for any races because my bff was in town. Hope you enjoyed your weekend as well.

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