May in Review

Running Overview:

Total Mileage: 103
Miles with Sara: 74
Total Miles to date: 529
Longest Run: 13.6 miles of hot, humid, miserableness
Races: Wisconsin Half!

I feel like May went by quite quickly. I was busy a lot of the weekends, but got my runs in (most of the time). I raced early in the month and have just been keeping my mileage pretty steady. We got summer weather this month. As in two blistering hot weekends in a row. I am quite glad I was not registered for Green Bay or Madison this year.

I’m doing okay at the morning running thing, as in when I have a running date with Sara I do it. When I am supposed to go run on my own I turn my alarm off and roll over. I need to get better at this before it gets hotter.

June brings fun runs! Lots of fun runs!

First up is Ragnar 6/8-6/9
Bacon Race 5K  6/14
Rock’n’Sole Half Marathon 6/23


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