Ragnar Chicago: One week away!

A week from now we will be on the road or gravel path as it may be. Excitement is everywhere: Talking with my team, on twitter, on Facebook, during runs. We are ready.

In this last week before Ragnar just be excited. 

  • Pack, no really, you actually have to pack this week, or at least before Friday morning. Here is my list again.
  • Confirm the van pick-ups
  • Confirm when team members are arriving in Madison
  • Confirm who is packing what as far as van items
  • Check the Race Bible for any changes
  • Double check the runner distances – these can change due to construction
  • Make sure to bring cash or checkbook to pay team members for the van, hotel, shirts, whatever
  • Expect some sort of hiccup between now and the start line on Friday. It’s okay, don’t panic.
  • The official nighttime hours are 7:30PM—6:00AM – make sure you have your safety gear: headlamp, reflective vest, blinky light.
  • Did I mention get excited?

Once again, I am on Team Awesome, you can follow our adventures on twitter @TeamAwesome12.

We hope to see lots of you out there!

2 thoughts on “Ragnar Chicago: One week away!

    1. Thanks. If my memory serves me correctly we got giddy stupid early Saturday morning. Tweets were slightly ridiculous.

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