Marathon Training: The Beginning

Remember when I signed up for the Lakefront Marathon back in February? So it’s been a few months and while I know it’s out there I haven’t really thought about marathon training. Well that’s not completely true. I have thought about it, but not in the sense that it should start soon. Then Kelsey had to go and tell me it is in 18 weeks. And then Mo blogged about it too. Stupid friends. I was happily living in my own world.

The good news: I have a ridiculous base to go into marathon training with this time. I have run 25-30 miles a week almost every week since November. The only month under 100 miles since October was January. I run 12-14 miles on any given weekend.

The bad news: I have never successfully trained for a marathon. Yes, I have completed one, but I got injured, never ran my 20 mile training run and had to completely change my goals

The good news: I am a strong and smarter runner now. I am not training alone or blindly. In addition to having a running coach I have Sara. Running with Sara is fantastic. I know I have gone on and on about this, but I never truly understood how helpful it is to have a running buddy so well matched to your own abilities.

So in essence I’m not exactly sure when “official” marathon training starts, but it’s going to happen and I am going to be ready for it.

5 thoughts on “Marathon Training: The Beginning

  1. “but I never truly understood how helpful it is to have a running buddy so well matched to your own abilities” <– Yes, this!! Well said, even though it's not the point of this post!
    Good luck with training! You're going to stay strong and smart and have the best marathon training possible with your buddy!

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