Something New

I’m in a bit of a running funk right now. I have barely run since Ragnar. I did run the Race for the Bacon 5K and win my age group. That was fun. And I got a super cool pin. And we ate a lot of bacon.

And I got to run another race with Sara.

My something new is MY HOUSE. I closed on my house on Monday. Somehow I am now a homeowner. Not exactly sure how that happened, but I am so excited and I LOVE my house.

So for now I am going to concentrate on getting settled in my house. I will be running the Rock’n’Sole Half Marathon on Saturday. Sara gave me a race plan that I promptly agreed to:  RT @mkemom: @rshill37 Plan: Run. Have fun. Don’t die. Have beer.

How can you argue with that? In addition, Mo will be here this weekend and we get to play, which will of course involve more beer. Probably on my front porch.

3 thoughts on “Something New

  1. Funk? I could hardly tell, you’ve been posting some nice 5 milers in the heat! And winning your age group in a 5k is opposite of funk!
    Congrats on your new home, hope you’re not feeling too overwhelmed with moving in/settling in and all the other millions of things to do with a home.
    Hope to see you Saturday!! Post race beer maybe?

    1. I’ve barely run in the last two weeks. I keep skipping runs and sleeping and then whining about the heat.

      Post race beers for sure!

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