US Olympic Trials

No, not the track and field trials like most runners, the swimming trials. I am full on obsessed. I have set my DVR to record ALL of the trials. The prelims, the finals, everything.

My swimming obsession isn’t new. And isn’t because of Michael Phelps. I have always been a swimmer. My first swim lesson was a mommy and me class at 3 months old. I started competing at age 9 and swam through high school. I have not been in a pool in over a year, but that doesn’t take away the fact that I love the smell and I could get in and swim 1000 yds. And now I can’t get back in the pool because I quit the gym. I miss it, I do, but I refuse to pay for the gym anymore. I love everything about this. I probably spend too much time on, but I’m okay with that.

These kind of shots are amazing.
Photos from NBC Olympics
I do enjoy this aspect of swimming as well.
I mean, really, we have two of the best swimmers in the world competing against each other before the Olympics even start. The rivalry between these two is good for swimming.

I geek out at the stroke and technique. I am sad at how quickly the hour each evening goes by. And I will continue to obsess over this until the Olympics are over. The stories are great. Seventeen year old Missy Franklin qualified last night. She is 17!  Although it’s sad to see the veterans like Natalie Coughlin getting beat out by the young ones, but they are the new faces of swimming. I will enjoy every moment of my rarely televised sport.

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