Big 10K

What a fun race! I loved everything about it. This was the inaugural Big 10K and they did a fantastic job. You would never know it was an inaugural race. I ran it with two of my favorite race buddies, Mo and Kelsey. We prepared for the race by eating cheese fondue and burgers on the grill while watching the Olympic Opening Ceremony.

Maureen, Me and Kelsey representing Michigan State, Wisconsin, and Ohio State

The course was pretty simple. It was an out and back that started at Soldier Field and went south. Right before the turn-around there was an optional water slide. Mo is the only one of us who went on it. They also had one at the finish line. All along the course you could hear different Big Ten fight songs which was fun. At the finish line there was a big tailgate, which included tents from each school. I wandered over to the Wisconsin one as any good Badger alum would and found Heisman winner Ron Dayne. Yay!

Me and Ron Dayne
I had some fun with my bib.
I have two of these now.

I didn’t check my 10K times until much later and then realized this was PR for me. Mind you I haven’t raced a 10K since 2009 so I was very much hoping for a PR. When we finally have not 75+% humidity I expect to get a killer PR. All in all, this was a great race and I will for sure do it again.


A meaningless race: one year later

A year ago I wrote this post. Three days later I met Sara, in real life. We ran the Cudahy Classic “together”. I say it that way because we had never actually met. We had messaged on DailyMile a few times, tweeted a few times, I’m not even sure if we both knew the other person was running the race that day. It was hot. It was humid. It was disgusting. Somewhere in the first few miles I saw this woman with long blond hair. I passed her. She passed me. Then we ran a bit together. We slogged along and finished a disgusting 10 miles. The race details are irrelevant. That is the day I met the most amazing running partner ever.

Rock’N’Sole Finish Line 2012

Not only is Sara the most amazing running partner she has become one of my best friends. She shares her family with me (I adore her children). She helped me believe I could run another marathon, so we’re doing it together. She makes 15 mile runs fly by. And now we are trying to decide if we run the Cudahy Classic together again. Thanks to the miserable existence called summer in Wisconsin we are waiting until race day to see if it’s worth running again. It doesn’t matter at all to me. Even if we don’t do the race, Sunday will mark one year since we first ran together. I could not imagine the last year without her.


You may think I’m exaggerating, but we are once again under a heat advisory, Sara and I had a miserable 5 mile run this morning and I really just want to throw a fit about this lame-ass record setting summer. I don’t care that I am 25 years older than when it is acceptable to throw a tantrum. I’m close to it and unless this weather breaks I don’t see that changing.

I feel like I might as well be running on the sun.

And on top of it all I chose this year to quit the gym for the summer. I’m dreading my runs. I think I would hug the damn treadmill at this point.  Yes, I am whining. I don’t care. This sucks. It’s miserable and I want fall now, damnit.

Running Break

I’ve been pretty much training consistently since November 2011. A few weeks ago my coach threw out the idea of a break. I immediately responded with the dates I was going to be in Phoenix knowing full well I had zero desire to run there. Lows of 87, highs of 111. It was hot to say the least. Little did I know that Milwaukee would get blasted with a disgusting heat wave right before I left.

I live in Wisconsin. I train in Wisconsin. I do not like running in heat. I would rather run at 30 degrees than 80. I like snow running. I like a cool breeze on a fall day. I am not meant to run in the heat. I was fairly convinced another summer running in DC would have killed me. That was gross. When it is 80 and 81% humidity at 5:00am I know there is no hope for the day. Some days (run date with Sara days) I can drag myself out of bed and run in that crap. Do I want to? No. But will I want to run when it’s 97 degrees after work? Hell no.

Let’s just say this vacation came at a good time. I needed the break I was close to burnout and running wasn’t fun. Instead of running I floated in the pool, drank beer, ate, drank margaritas, floated in the pool, drank wine. It was rough.

And there was my cousin’s wedding so I did have to get dressed up, but then there was more food and drinks.

Blue Marriage-rita
I caught the bouquet.

I come from a large extended family and now that we are all grown up we don’t get to spend a week in the summer on a lake together. Weddings seem to be the only time we do get to hang out. I love getting to see my cousins. We may have grown up 1500 miles apart, but we spent time together every single summer. That being said, we have lots to catch up on when we see each other ever year or so now. People are married. They have kids. They bought houses. They have careers. We decided that next summer we need a cousin get together. I would call it a Hill Cousins Gathering, but too many of them no longer or never had that last name. So watch out for next summer when we choose a lake house and play for a week. Just like our childhood, except no parents and booze.

All in all, the break was awesome and much needed. I came back this week and have run all three runs so far including my speed work. I’m hoping I can build off this and quick marathon training ass.

June in Review

Another month gone. And we are suddenly halfway through the year. I am generally happy with where my running is. This was busy month with some serious motivational issues for me. I still can’t really say what it was, but I had 9 mile week. I don’t really want to dwell on that anymore.

Total Mileage: 109
Miles with Sara: 69
Total Miles to date: 638
Longest Run: 15.86 miles of hot, humid, miserableness – longest run since August 2010
Races: Ragnar ChicagoBacon Race – 1st in my age group!; Rock’N’Sole Half Marathon

And in the midst of all of this I closed on my new house and moved. Buying a house is probably the most grown up thing I have done. A huge thanks to my parents who helped me with the move. Thankfully this move was 800 times less stressful than the last. I love my house.

I am now marathon training. It’s not a question anymore. October is only 3 months away. I foresee some mental freakouts before I get to the start line. But I have my coach and Sara to talk me down. My remaining race schedule is much more reasonable than the early part of the year.

July brings a trip to Phoenix (ew 112 degree forecast); my brother coming home!; the Big Ten 10K with my fave race buddies, Mo and Kelsey; and some long distance runs that I need to mentally prepare for.