June in Review

Another month gone. And we are suddenly halfway through the year. I am generally happy with where my running is. This was busy month with some serious motivational issues for me. I still can’t really say what it was, but I had 9 mile week. I don’t really want to dwell on that anymore.

Total Mileage: 109
Miles with Sara: 69
Total Miles to date: 638
Longest Run: 15.86 miles of hot, humid, miserableness – longest run since August 2010
Races: Ragnar ChicagoBacon Race – 1st in my age group!; Rock’N’Sole Half Marathon

And in the midst of all of this I closed on my new house and moved. Buying a house is probably the most grown up thing I have done. A huge thanks to my parents who helped me with the move. Thankfully this move was 800 times less stressful than the last. I love my house.

I am now marathon training. It’s not a question anymore. October is only 3 months away. I foresee some mental freakouts before I get to the start line. But I have my coach and Sara to talk me down. My remaining race schedule is much more reasonable than the early part of the year.

July brings a trip to Phoenix (ew 112 degree forecast); my brother coming home!; the Big Ten 10K with my fave race buddies, Mo and Kelsey; and some long distance runs that I need to mentally prepare for.

2 thoughts on “June in Review

  1. Seriously don’t dwell on the 9 mile week! Your body is very smart and it was telling you “I neeeeed a break, pleeeease, sleep in for once!”
    Your marathon training is going to be just fine, you’re surrounded by good people to help you along the way!

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