Running Break

I’ve been pretty much training consistently since November 2011. A few weeks ago my coach threw out the idea of a break. I immediately responded with the dates I was going to be in Phoenix knowing full well I had zero desire to run there. Lows of 87, highs of 111. It was hot to say the least. Little did I know that Milwaukee would get blasted with a disgusting heat wave right before I left.

I live in Wisconsin. I train in Wisconsin. I do not like running in heat. I would rather run at 30 degrees than 80. I like snow running. I like a cool breeze on a fall day. I am not meant to run in the heat. I was fairly convinced another summer running in DC would have killed me. That was gross. When it is 80 and 81% humidity at 5:00am I know there is no hope for the day. Some days (run date with Sara days) I can drag myself out of bed and run in that crap. Do I want to? No. But will I want to run when it’s 97 degrees after work? Hell no.

Let’s just say this vacation came at a good time. I needed the break I was close to burnout and running wasn’t fun. Instead of running I floated in the pool, drank beer, ate, drank margaritas, floated in the pool, drank wine. It was rough.

And there was my cousin’s wedding so I did have to get dressed up, but then there was more food and drinks.

Blue Marriage-rita
I caught the bouquet.

I come from a large extended family and now that we are all grown up we don’t get to spend a week in the summer on a lake together. Weddings seem to be the only time we do get to hang out. I love getting to see my cousins. We may have grown up 1500 miles apart, but we spent time together every single summer. That being said, we have lots to catch up on when we see each other ever year or so now. People are married. They have kids. They bought houses. They have careers. We decided that next summer we need a cousin get together. I would call it a Hill Cousins Gathering, but too many of them no longer or never had that last name. So watch out for next summer when we choose a lake house and play for a week. Just like our childhood, except no parents and booze.

All in all, the break was awesome and much needed. I came back this week and have run all three runs so far including my speed work. I’m hoping I can build off this and quick marathon training ass.

2 thoughts on “Running Break

  1. A break from running is a sure fire way to come back feeling more motivated and fresh than before!
    Welcome back, it’s still a bit hot, but, September isn’t too far away, and I’m pretty sure September will bring a cool breeze!

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