You may think I’m exaggerating, but we are once again under a heat advisory, Sara and I had a miserable 5 mile run this morning and I really just want to throw a fit about this lame-ass record setting summer. I don’t care that I am 25 years older than when it is acceptable to throw a tantrum. I’m close to it and unless this weather breaks I don’t see that changing.

I feel like I might as well be running on the sun.

And on top of it all I chose this year to quit the gym for the summer. I’m dreading my runs. I think I would hug the damn treadmill at this point.  Yes, I am whining. I don’t care. This sucks. It’s miserable and I want fall now, damnit.

3 thoughts on “Temper-tantrums

  1. I read this a few days ago and giggled, but yeah, this is awful. I had been putting off registering for a fall marathon because of it, but then I got the dreaded “prices to increase” email, so, fine, I’ll have temper tantrums too.

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