A meaningless race: one year later

A year ago I wrote this post. Three days later I met Sara, in real life. We ran the Cudahy Classic “together”. I say it that way because we had never actually met. We had messaged on DailyMile a few times, tweeted a few times, I’m not even sure if we both knew the other person was running the race that day. It was hot. It was humid. It was disgusting. Somewhere in the first few miles I saw this woman with long blond hair. I passed her. She passed me. Then we ran a bit together. We slogged along and finished a disgusting 10 miles. The race details are irrelevant. That is the day I met the most amazing running partner ever.

Rock’N’Sole Finish Line 2012

Not only is Sara the most amazing running partner she has become one of my best friends. She shares her family with me (I adore her children). She helped me believe I could run another marathon, so we’re doing it together. She makes 15 mile runs fly by. And now we are trying to decide if we run the Cudahy Classic together again. Thanks to the miserable existence called summer in Wisconsin we are waiting until race day to see if it’s worth running again. It doesn’t matter at all to me. Even if we don’t do the race, Sunday will mark one year since we first ran together. I could not imagine the last year without her.

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