July in Review

I think mother nature won this month. It’s good to know it wasn’t just me though. Turns out it was the hottest July ever on record in Wisconsin. I never actually threw a tantrum, but I sure got close. And I definitely bitched a lot.

Total Mileage: 78 <— Yuck
Miles with Sara: 61
Total Miles to date: 716
Longest Run: 16, which went 800 times better than the almost 16 in June.
Races: Big 10KCudahy Classic

This should have been a much higher mileage month, but I just couldn’t do it. I’m not worried about my Lakefront training. The killer 16 miler I had felt great. And I have a big run coming up this weekend. August will be good. I will hit my miles and my workouts.

July was still lots of fun. I went to Phoenix for my cousin’s wedding and had a blast with extended family. My brother was in the country for something like 9 days so that was fun. We had Wisconsin beer and Italian wine. We ate good food.

Me, Levi, Dad and Mom

I got to run a fun inaugural race with two of my favorite race buddies: Mo and Kelsey. And I followed it up with running a 10 mile race the next day with Sara.

It was a good month, but fair riddance to July. I’m ready for a new month. August will bring the Madison Mini and all kinds of other fun summer events.

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