My Right Hamstring

My right hamstring and I are not getting along. At all. It hurts when I am sitting, especially driving. It hurts if I run fast or far. It hurts when I don’t run. I cannot express how glad I am that I decided weeks ago not to run Lakefront. Can you imagine the insane mess of a person I would be right now if I had a marathon coming up?

In typical form I got on the internet and stated googling. I’m not a novice at this. I don’t believe just anything. I avoid WebMD at all costs because it will say I need my leg amputated or something equally as ridiculous. I ended up spending a lot of time on the Aurora Sports Medicine Institute website. While I have personal issues with Aurora as a business, which I won’t get into, I do trust the information.

The Basics: the hamstring is not one muscle.  It is a muscle group. The hamstring group is comprised of three different muscles – the semimembranosis, semitendinosis and biceps femoris.

“Hamstring strains or “pulls” are usually non-contact in nature. Common causes of hamstring strains include decreased flexibility, decreased strength, inadequate warm-up and muscle fatigue. To help prevent injury or to ensure full recovery following a strain, each of these conditions must be addressed.”

After reading this I’m not all that surprised I managed to injure myself again. I am really good about thinking about foam rolling and stretching and terrible about actually doing it.

The advice to avoid an injury and recovering from an injury are summed up in a nice short and sweet way, which I should be doing anyways: Strengthening and stretching the hamstring. Nothing earth shattering there.

So instead of bitching and moaning, which I’ve been trying to keep to a minimum, I guess I should actually care for my body. I think I was trying to ride on my youth a little too long. My mom always told me if would catch up with me. So all those stretches I’ve learned over the last 10+ years might come in handy.

And on that note I need to change how I’m sitting because my stupid hamstring hurts.


Fun in Virginia Beach

We arrived late Friday night. We had to check out the beach. And the blue moon.
Me and TP. Someday we will figure out how to teleport or something to make DC and Milwaukee closer.
Hot and humid weather isn’t so bad when you’re at the beach. Emma called this shark dodging. I think we were just hot.
The whole crew. Some of them (okay most of them) even ran a half marathon earlier in the day.
We ate healthy all weekend. See, cheese.