Lakefront Marathon: Spectator edition

I wish I wanted to run. I wish I wasn’t injured. I wish I hadn’t gotten sick right before the Madison Mini. I wish I knew how to get back on track.

I won’t go on and on for several paragraphs whining and bitching because even I don’t want to read that crap. Instead I will talk about last Sunday, the Lakefront Marathon.

This past weekend I cheered for friends running the Lakefront Marathon. I forgot how much fun it is to spectate at a marathon. I forgot how much fun it is to support your friends. I haven’t spectated a marathon since Marine Corps in 2010 where I spent all day out cheering for and celebrating with friends.

This was a race I was supposed to run. I was supposed to attack 26.2 again. Several weeks ago I decided not to run it. I was going to run it with my totally amazing friend Sara. When I decided not to run it I promised her I would be out there to support her. It was such a fun day to be out cheering and supporting. Sara shaved 20 minutes of her time and broke 4 hours. When I received the email with her finish time I almost cried. In fact, I teared up and couldn’t wait to give her a giant hug.

In addition to Sara having a good day, so did a whole bunch of other friends. It was a cold day to spectate, but I wouldn’t trade anything for being out there cheering.

I just wish it had inspired me to get my ass off the couch. I guess it kind of did. I’m just so damn annoyed with my hamstring that I don’t want to run 2 miles. I want to run 12. That is until I start running. Then I don’t want to be anywhere but my couch.

2 thoughts on “Lakefront Marathon: Spectator edition

  1. I’m so grateful you came to cheer me on. I’m sorry you’re having trouble. I really wish there was something I could do to help. You will always have me to rely on as a running bestie, so any miles you want to do, I’m there. Heal up and we will have an awesome winte ofrfun snow runs and easy Pettit runs. Then we can.kick some ass next spring. No.pressure…try to get back to the time you loved running.

  2. I sooooo wanted to be there to spectate too! Life got in the way, and then I ended up watching the live stream of Chicago marathon online. Spectating is fun!
    I know how you feel about that hamstring. It’s annoying, you’ll get through it, and come back stronger!

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