Wordless Wednesday: My crazy family


Tyranena Sixth Barrel

The result of my last post, To race or not to race, was a compromise. I did not run the half marathon. I ran a sixth of a marathon, the six barrel race. I’m really glad I had this option. I still got to run at Tyranena and I didn’t re-injure myself. I ran a new distance and had fun with my friends.

I went out a little faster than I probably should have, and that was with me holding myself back a bit. The nice thing was the first mile was flat. And flat doesn’t hurt. I don’t have to hold back on flat. Mile 1 – 8:09

The first of the hills was around mile one and a half. I slowed down to baby my stupid hamstring. Mile 2 – 8:51

Hmm, these hills aren’t so bad and they are nothing like the ones on the half course. Woah, this hill is worse that I thought, yay downhill. Mile 3 – 8:56

One mile to go, no problem, Oh shit, another hill. Remember when these were no problem? I miss that. More curses at my hamstring. Almost done. Mile 4 – 8:54

I wonder how much more there is. I can’t remember what the distance is. I know it’s 4.? Eh, just run. Final .39 – 3:13 (8:16 pace)

Final: 4.39 in 38:05

I had fun. I ran faster than I have in quite awhile. And one of these days I will be able run faster and longer again.

Post race was an absolute blast again. Tons of friends ran both distances. There was lasagna, beer and cake! This is already on the schedule for next year.