Another Year Over

I guess I can reflect a bit since it is New Year’s Eve and all.

On my way into work today I realized I was offered this job two years ago. That phone call started me on a crazy journey. There is no way that I could have predicted the last two years.

One year ago I was on my way to LA for the Rose Bowl with my very best friend in the entire world. Now that is something we started talking about doing when we were students in Madison. It took a lot of years, but we made it and we loved every moment (except the final score).

Today, I am stuck working on this pointless Monday that should be a holiday, but I refuse to waste a vacation day on it. And because of that I am blogging.

Over this past year I went from having a job to actually enjoying my job. I have coworkers that are friends now. I have a boss who wants to help me grow as an employee and a person. I feel like I am getting more towards what I want to be doing. And my job hasn’t made me cry this year.

I bought a house this year. I ran a bunch of races. I loved running. I hated running. I traveled from coast to coast (with suitcases full of beer and cheese). I made new friends. I spent time with old friends. I spent time with family. I visited breweries and vineyards. I cooked new meals. I adopted a second cat.

It was a busy year. It was a fun year. Here’s to another great year.

Tomorrow is New Year’s Day or as I am calling it, Rose Bowl Day! Go Badgers!

Happy New Year Everyone!

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Running, what is that?

I haven’t run in awhile. It’s been long enough I don’t actually want to count the days. I deleted my DailyMile email without opening it because in my eyes it would have said “You’re a lazy-ass”, which is true right now. My couch and I have a deep bond. I don’t even come up with excuses anymore. I just don’t want to run. The strangest part is that I am still registering for 2013 races. And looking forward to them. And I have goals.

I had a blast running the Drumstick Dash on Thanksgiving Day. I think I enjoyed it mostly because my family all ran too. I put no pressure on myself and ran with my dad for the second year in a row. The two eight year olds did their very first 5k and had fun. It was a good day.

Top Row: Me, brother, uncle, cousin's boy friend, cousin. Bottom row: cousin, mom, cousin, dad
Top Row: Me, brother, uncle, cousin’s boy friend, cousin. Bottom row: cousin, mom, cousin, dad
I told him we would run it together next year!
Dad, me, Mom and Levi.
No way to describe how happy to makes me all four of us ran.

In trying to re-motivate myself to get off the couch I am trail running with some friends this weekend and I registered for the New Year’s Day Polar Bear Dash (I’m not jumping in Lake Michigan, that’s crazy).