Running Ups and Downs

I was afraid to recap last year. I was terrified to count up the miles. I didn’t want to see the number. I didn’t want to know how my couch bonding time affected the numbers. I know the numbers are arbitrary, but I also know that I was only injured for about a month of my lower mileage time. I don’t know what frustrated me so much about running this fall/early winter, but I just didn’t want to do it, so I didn’t. I didn’t run a single mile in December. Not one. I have somehow decided not to dwell on that. Normally I would obsess over it. I decided to tally up my miles today. I’m not disappointed. I’m actually surprised with what I ended up.


Total: 929

Highest Mileage Month: March with 119

Miles run with Sara571

Half Marathons: 6

The fun I had running and racing with friends last year is immeasurable. I had so much fun traveling, racing, not sleeping, plotting, cheering, making new friends and running.

My goals for 2013 are simple:

  • Find some balance
  • Enjoy running

I will be racing less for many reasons. I will only run half marathons or shorter. I will not under any circumstance register for another marathon. I want to run with Sara. I want to have more adventures with Mo and Kelsey. Katie might even get me to run in Minnesota.

I started 2013 off with the Polar Bear Dash on New Year’s Day with Sara, Jen, and Jodi. It was cold. It was fun. And I started the year with 3.1 miles.

Polar Bear Dash

4 thoughts on “Running Ups and Downs

  1. Your yearly mileage for taking an entire month off is pretty great! Congrats on 2012, I think you had a fantastic year. It was really exciting to see you PR in a 13.1, you worked really hard for it. Great to have met you this year too. I hope to see you more in 2013!

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