What are you training for?

Nothing. And I like it.

I ran with a new running group last night. It’s one I’ve known about for awhile and just have never made it to a run before. It was fun. It reminded me of my running group in DC. Lots of chitchat, talking about local races, plans for the year. And then someone asked me “What are you training for?” And for the first time in as long as I can remember I responded “Nothing”.

And that’s true. I’m not training for anything right now. Sure I have some events on the calendar, but nothing major and nothing I’m training for. It was really nice to say that. It takes pressure off myself. It’s exhausting to always be training for something. Why I felt like I need to is beyond me. There is nothing wrong with running for the sake of running. I like to run. I like to race, but that doesn’t mean I need to always be training for something. No wonder I was burned out.

51QlqI3yaOL._SL500_AA300_So far I’m really liking my plan of race less and be smart about my running. In addition to running I am actually doing some strength and core work for the first time in years. I hate(d) strength work, but it’s supposedly important and all so I guess I’ll give it a try. I started Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred this week. I bought maybe a year ago, and then promptly ignored it. Since I decided to mix things up a bit I dusted it off, removed the plastic (more evidence I never touched it), got out my hand weights (also still with the tags on them), and my mat and pushed play. I’ve done it four days in a row. Day two was the easiest. I’m not sure how I feel about it on the days I run, but since my mileage is (purposely) low I’m giving it a try. By starting it last weekend my goal is to do it every day before I leave for South America (the timing worked out quite well, there was no forethought on that one).

The plan will continue to be run and have fun, mix it up, and finish #30DayShred.

In the mean time I’m heading to Madison for Badger Basketball and shenanigans with Katie and Jen.

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