Brazil: our first day in Rio

First off I can’t imagine being here with anyone other than Marie. As we sat over our dinner chatting we realized how long we’ve known each other and how much of becoming who we are we did together. She is as close to a sister as I will ever have.

We arrived around mid-day Rio time, which is 4 hours different than home, an hour more than I was expecting. We arranged for a driver for safety reasons (Marie’s dad insisted), which turned out to be great. We finally made it out of baggage claim and customs to a sign that read “Mrs. Marie Vicksta”, which I enjoyed. Once we made it to the apartment it was shower and regroup time.

View from our patio

We ventured out to get Reales, which was way harder than expected. Both of us have traveled out of the country before and never had trouble getting foreign cash. Today was a disaster. I think 6 banks later we finally got cash. We were hungry, tired and pissed off at this point. Finally we bought some chips and water and wandered back to our apartment. Food helped, we were able to function.

Next up, see the beach. We got some beers on the beach and it was magical. We walked the beach and the ordered caipirinhas, which were amazing. Best one I’ve had in 7 years, which was the last time I was in South America.

Next up, dinner. Thankfully they had a menu in English. My brain is a crazy swirl of French and Spanish, neither if Erich are Portuguese, nor helpful. I can’t pronounce anything nor can I understand anything. I can kind of read things. Dinner was good. We had cod balls and flank steak with what was supposedly chimichuri sauce. It was not, but it was good and the cod balls were amazing.

We hit the market on the way back to get breakfast food and beer. And now that it’s almost 11 this time zone we’re ready to pass out.

I’ll try for more photos tomorrow. I got a bunch in my camera but have no way to upload them.

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