Adventures in Rio: Carnaval

We knew what we were getting ourselves into, or at least we thought we did. Carnaval is every bit as crazy and overwhelming as you can imagine. The first night we just went to a small neighborhood parade. It was family friendly and mostly people drinking and dancing in the street.

Night 2 was our big might. We went to the Sambradromo for one of the huge parades. There were ten samba schools scheduled starting at 9pm meaning they run all night. We stayed for 5 of them and took the 2am shuttle back.



Here are a few shots just from my phone. I have over a hundred on my camera that are amazing photos. We are so glad we spent the money to do this.

That late night of course made Sunday a late start. We took the Rio metro to Ipanema for more neighborhood parades. It was a blast, plus nice to get a break from the sun and beach. Ipanema is supposedly the young part of town as well as having a large gay population. After the craziness today I can’t imagine what their gay pride events must be like. The neighborhood parades are basically moving block parties. They start somewhere with a band on a float and then everyone joins in. Everyone. The beer sellers, kids, people decked out in every costume you can imagine. I have seen more slutty mini mouse costumes and slutty Disney princesses than the last time I went out for Halloween.

I really can’t wait to go through all of my photos and have to give a huge short out to my aunt Gina for the awesome camera I got for Christmas. Thank you.

Other than all that I’ve been enjoying watching the culture here in Rio. Overall they are a very friendly people. Contrary to what many people believe they come in all shapes and sizes. This does not stop anyone from wearing a bikini. Neither does age. I love how comfortable everyone is. It is a clean city. They are so on top of cleaning up after each event that a garbage truck and street cleaner trend to end the parades.

Tomorrow is going to be some sightseeing away from down town craziness. I’m looking forward to some views and taking the photo I promised Katie.

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