The end of our time in Rio

It’s been a stressful 24 hours. Last night we went out to a real Brazilian Steak house that had good ratings on TripAdviser. Dinner was good enough, crazy, and then ended up being more than we expected. As we were leaving some people waved us over to their table. They were so excited to find other Americans so we stopped and chatted, which turned into caipirinhas. They were nice enough, but turned out to be a lot drinker than we realized. Basically we ended up sitting with “those” American tourists. During our time there Marie’s purse was stolen. Really, really shitty, but thankfully she didn’t have too much in it. We think the drunken crazies made us a target. Marie was really pissed last night and I had no idea what to say to her.

She talked to our front desk and learned shred have to go to a specific police station to file a report. So bright and early she was off. Of course the police station was having IT problems do after 2 hours there they just told her to come back later. When she returned she was in better spirits, but still understandably upset. We decided to not let it ruin out plans for the day. (Side note: Chase Sapphire was fantastic).

Thankfully early in the day was tons of fun. We went to Sugar Loaf, which is a huge mountain over looking all of Rio. It was gorgeous up there and do nice to get our of downtown Rio. I discovered the panorama seeing on my camera so should have some awesome photos.

Overall Rio has been fun. Carnaval activities were a blast even if they got a little overwhelming. We got some great beach time (even though I already started peeling some. I swear you can only put sunscreen on so many times a day). I think there would have been some other things to visit had we not been here during Carnaval, but it was a trade off. What I really can’t believe is that we’ve been here a week. Lots of adventures still. Not sure how much internet access we will have at some of our next stops. We’ve been spoiled having wifi here. (Also, all typos are courtesy of writing these posts on my phone.

Best drink in Brazil

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