Goodbye Brazil, hello Argentina

It’s been a busy several days since we left Rio. We departed Rio via bus, then got on a boat, and landed on Ilha Grande, which is a vacation spot for lots of people from Rio and Sao Paulo. It was gorgeous. Most of the island is protected forests. There are no cars. You walk along the beach to get to wherever you are staying. We stayed at this amazing pousada, which is basically a step or two up from a hostel. We stayed at Pousada Naturalia which I cannot say enough good things about. They were so kind and incredibly helpful with everything.

On our second day on the island we took a “half” day boat ride around the island. We were able to snorkel and swim in beautiful blue water. We meet the wonderful couples from Sao Paulo and had ridiculous conversations in broken English and our pretend Portuguese which is really Spanish. It was a great day. We followed it up with amazing seafood at a beach front restaurant.

Due to too much sun the previous day we spent our last day hiding in the shade on the beach reading. It was so perfectly relaxing and just what we needed after a week in Rio.

This is where the travel got a little crazy. Because of the Carnaval holiday all the buses to Sao Paulo were sold out. We ended up taking a little transfer bus back to Rio, grabbing a bus to Sao Paulo, arriving at 3:30am and taking a taxi to the airport. Thankfully we made our flight with lots of time. And landed in Foz do Iguacu to see visit the Brazilian side of the falls.

The Iguacu Falls are one of the 7 Wonders of the World and its easy to see why. They were truly amazing and massive. We just stared at them. After visiting them our guide took us across the boarder into Argentina. Thankfully crossing the boarder was very easy. And we both audibly sighed with relief to now be in a country where we can speak the language.

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