Argentina and the ability to communicate

I left off just after we arrived in Argentina. The guide who picked us up at the airport took us to Iguacu and then drove us to the hostel in Iguazu, Arentina. We mostly just rested at the hostel as we were exhuasted. Marie went for a swim and I hid in the shade needing to still protect myself from the sun.

The next morning we were picked up by a small tour bus to be taken to the Argentinian Iguazu Park. The Argentinian park is much bigger and there was more to do. We were with a group that had listening problems. You could tell the guide was annoyed. We signed up to do the short boat tour, which really mean get soaking wet from the falls. It was awesome. We were so ridiculously hot (the guide said it was near 100) and getting soaked by the falls was so much fun.  It was like an amusement park ride. Then we were given some time for lunch and took a little tram to the Devil´s Throat. We were warned this would be the hottest part of the day and boy was it. You walk out onto this long board walk across the river to get to the Devil`s Throat, a particularly large part of the falls. As soon as we made it out there it was all worth it. We just stared and were amazed. The amount of water moving was baffeling. It was a long and hot day and we were wondering if it was worth visiting both sides and it was so worth it. After the day at Parque Nacional Iguazu we had time to shower and pack up our bags before we were picked up and taken to the airport to fly to Buenos Aires.

We arrived late and went to bed. But the nice thing was we were able to check in all in Spanish and had no problems. On our first day in Buenos Aires we kind of did our own walking tour. Now this is the only part of the trip where I have already been to the city. I was in Buenos Aires in the fall of 2005 when I was studying in Santiago, Chile and my cousin was studying here in Buenos Aires. I don´t remember a lot about the city,  but there are small bits that seem familiar. We walked to the Recoleta Cemetary which is where Evita is burried. Burried is a loose term here. The cemetary is above ground and is full of massive graves, some almost small graves. We wondered Recoleta for awhile and ended up in Retiro. We found a delicious place for lunch. Side note: the exchange rate is awesome for Americans right now. Everything seems like a deal right now. We both had great entrees and shared a bottle of wine and it came out to around $60 US. The meal we had would have been over double that at home. We took it easy at night and got some food to go and some more wine at a great price.

Today we woke to rain, but chose to not let that bother us. We took the subway across the city and hopped on the Bus Turístico. This is one of those hop-on, hop-off buses that exist in lots of cities. Now I`ve never done one before, but Marie`s friend, who is originally from here recommended it. It was the perfect thing to do this morning while it was raining. We did over half the route and then stopped for another yummy meal. We decided we would do the rest of the bus tour tomorrow. It´s rest time before we head to an authentic Argentinian grill for dinner. Hopefully we get better weather tomorrow, but I still can´t complain about it when it´s February and winter at home.

Both of us were worried about our Spanish, but have been pleasantly surprised by our ability to communicate. We kind of supplement each other.

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