Three weeks in South America

I’m almost home. Almost. Really, I’m sitting in Newark bored out of my mind. I arrived in at 5:30am after an over night flight from Buenos Aires and my connection isn’t until 11:00.

So how was a three week vacation? Amazing, wonderful, everything I wanted it to be. I got see places I’ve wanted to visit for years. I got to see things I never thought I would. I realized my Spanish language abilities are not as dismal as I thought. I spent three weeks with my best friend and we never wanted to kill each other. This was a one in a life time trip and I’m so so glad we did it. We planned it right so that we did enough things it didn’t feel like three weeks.

What was my favorite part? That’s impossible to answer. We did and saw do many didn’t things I couldn’t possibly say which was my favorite. My favorite part is probably that I was able to make this trip happen. We booked the flights last April on frequent flyer miles and have been planning ever since. Each step of the trip was so fun to get to.

Pictures? Don’t worry, I have over 500, but promise not to subject anyone to all of them. I will post a few and if you wasn’t to see more let me know and I’ll share a link.


What’s next? My bed. Oh how I have missed my own bed. And a shower. I’ve been traveling for a long time and really wasn’t a shower. And then work. I have to go back tomorrow, but am so glad I timed it so I only have to work two days before the weekend, better for readjustment. I’m a little terrified of my inbox, but it was worth it. Fingers crossed the weather in Jersey and Milwaukee hold up and I can get home.

[Update] After 16 hours and Newark and incessant tweeting about my unhappiness I made it home.

2 thoughts on “Three weeks in South America

  1. It’s been 3 weeks? Really? That went fast for even me, sitting at home. But reading your traveling tweets was neat. Sounds pretty darn amazing. Welcome back and enjoy that bed!

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