Lucky Leprechaun 7k

This is the first year in four years that I haven’t run a March half marathon, specifically the National Half, which I still hate is now a Rock’n’Roll race. For obvious reasons it was not in the cards this year, but still sad to not run through my favorite city. Instead of running a half marathon I ran the inaugural Lucky Leprechaun 7k, yes a 7k. Now I don’t give a shit about St. Patty’s Day, but there was a fun race and I figured I could get back in shape for a 7k. Both of my parents ended up registering as well.

Now I did not go into this race thinking of it as a race or with excitement. Mother Nature is a confused bitch right now and we woke up to fresh snow and frigid temps on race morning. By chance my running windbreaker is green so I was all set. I met up with my parents near the start line. We all whined about the cold. I started questioning why on earth I paid money to run 4.3 miles. Basically I wanted to be anywhere else at that moment, mostly my bed. I shut up and ran once it started. The roads were slushy, snowy and slippery. Not exactly great for running. I ended up running with my mom the whole way. The first mile was SLOW due to the conditions and the crowds, but I decided to not dwell on it. Mile 2 we sped up some. And then we negative split on the way back. I’m super proud of my mom for our last 0.32 miles that we ran in at 8:46.


I’m really glad I ran it. I had a blast running it with my mom. Would I do it again? Maybe. No desire to run in this shitty never ending winter anymore though. Good fun race for my last race at this age. I’m really hoping mother nature gives me a nice birthday present and actually brings spring this week, but I doubt that will happen.

Overall this was a great week. I ran three times and did #30DayShred 4 times. My vacation laziness seems to have finally worn off!

One thought on “Lucky Leprechaun 7k

  1. “Now I don’t give a shit about St. Patty’s Day” LOLZ. That made me giggle. Really, who needs an excuse to drink Jameson? Very cool that you finished with your mom. I read your tweet about that being the best part of your day, and thought that was really great.

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