Never Ending Winter

Our never ending winter is getting to me. Actually it’s getting to everyone. It sucks. It is April and feels like February. Mother Nature teases us with one or two nice days and then it’s disgusting and freezing again. I actually woke up the other morning due to the wind and rain and thought my house was going to blow away. It makes me not want to do anything. And it’s not like I wasn’t already having motivational issues. I like my couch, a lot. It’s comfy and warm when I have my down blanket. I’m sick of running in seven layers when I can actually run outside.

I finally broke down and joined a gym again. And then promptly remembered I hate the treadmill. I did run a measly three miles on it. I guess it’s better than nothing. Still not highly motivated to run though. And I do have a half marathon in a month. That will be interesting.

Things I am enjoying:

  • Seeing friends I haven’t seen in a long time
  • New beers
  • Planning adventures with friends
  • Running with Sara again
  • Snuggling on my couch
  • Knowing it has to get warmer eventually and if it doesn’t I will be in DC next month where Spring actually exists.
  • Planning for year three of Ragnar
  • Nashville, the TV show, not the city. I’ve never been to the city
  • Milwaukee Beer Week starts this weekend

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