Running for Fun

That’s my goal for the year. Nothing else. While it would be fun to break a PR in some distance, that is not a goal this year. I just want to have fun. I think I’m over racing right now.

Once I dropped the Wisconsin Half from my schedule I realized the only races I have on my schedule are fun 5ks, three of which are connected to weddings. I think this says as much about my friends as it does me. I have the Tie the Knot Trot 5k next week, the day before two wonderful friend’s get married and then have a 5k in June as part of my friend’s bachlorette weekend and a 5k the day of another friend’s wedding. I kind of love that. And then in August I will be running the second annual Bacon Race. I mean who doesn’t want to run for Bacon? Ragnar isn’t really a race, it’s just a lot of fun.


I never got into running for the medals or for the race bibs. I run because I enjoy it and it’s a good form of exercise for me. I frequently forget that I don’t need to have a race on the schedule, that I don’t need to run a certain distance. If I feel like running a half marathon this year I will, but otherwise I am not registering for anything.

Other than that I am just going to run. Run as fast and as far as I feel like. Run with friends. Run with groups. Run when I want to instead of when I have to.