Ragnar Week!

I’m quite excited. The best part is this year’s forecast. It is not 90 degrees with 90% humidity. Yay! I’m also super excited to take on this adventure with my friends again. It’s always a blast. The sleep deprivation, the eating of creative “meals”, the conversations at 4:00am that you think are hilarious that probably aren’t. It’s always so much fun.

In other years I’ve been a bit more organized and started packing and making piles in advanced. This year I suddenly realized it was Monday night of Ragnar week and I’m busy Tuesday and Wednesday so I need to pack now. It was a nice moment. And then I ran around my house like an idiot while my brother sat on the couch watching Game of Thrones.

I kind of looked at my list from last year: Ragnar Packing List, kind of just packed what I think I need and what I actually used in other years. I even took some things out of the pile and put them away. There will be some last minute additions and additions made after the laundry is done, but I’m about 85% packed I would say.


I really feel like I should have this packing down now that this is my third year. I’m hoping I did a good job. The water cooler is key and I still need to buy important snacks like Twizzlers and peanut butter crackers. Plus if I forget something someone else will have it.

You can follow along with us on Facebook or Twitter this year. We’re Team Bitches Be Crazy, which sounded like a really good idea when we came up with it during Ragnar last year.

Happy packing.

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