Starting over

I almost wish I could be a new runner again; learning every step of the way, having no idea what to expect next, not having lofty expectations for myself. Right now I’m so over it all that I’m not running, again. Last week I blamed the heat and my new running buddy, but those are lame excuses and I know it.

I’ve been remembering training for my first and second half marathons and the fun and excitement that was there. There was so much to learn and to change and to explore. I was learning to train and was learning a new city. Training for those first half marathons are something I’ll never forget. I got to run around the White House and up to the Supreme Court and around the National Mall. I discovered the many trails and paths around DC. I met a great running group. I made amazing friends. It was all new. Of course it didn’t hurt that my first half was the NYC Half or that my second was on my 25th birthday through DC.

Now I’ve run more half marathons than I can remember without actually sitting down and counting (15 if you are wondering). They started to become a blur to me and I stopped having goals or expectations. It got to the point where I knew I could run a sub 2 even on a bad day. I had some great races last year too. I set an amazing PR in NOLA and had a blast running with Sara.

I want to start over. I want to start from the beginning even though that was hard. I want to work up to a half marathon and remember what that takes, remember that it is something to work toward. I am ready to go back to the basics.

Now I just need to decide on a fall half marathon. I’m sure some of you have ideas on which one I should run. Share. Make some suggestions.


My new running buddy


Meet Rosie, my newest running buddy. The Wisconsin Humane Society described her as a Go Getter: Want to get more exercise? Action is my middle name. My go-getter personality will keep you motivated to get outside and move. I’ve got tons of energy and I love to work every minute of the day. I’ll run for miles, chase balls for hours and will still want to play around at the end of the night.

She is a 2 year old lab/retriever mix and weighs 50 lbs so I’m sure there are other kinds of dog in there. Basically she’s a wonderful little mutt.

I had been stalking the website for a week and was terrified she would get adopted. I have wanted a dog for quite some time, but knew it wasn’t the right time or didn’t have the space or any other number of things. I also didn’t want a puppy and to have to deal with all of that. Rosie already knows ‘sit’ and ‘down’, kind of. And she likes to run! When I went in and met her yesterday I fell in love. She is perfect. She is active and loving and so, so sweet.

The other furry members of the household are all “What the hell did you bring home?”, but they will be fine. Nala isn’t going to let a dog stop her from being queen of the house and Stella will eventually come downstairs again.