Running with Rosie

I’ve taken the dog for three runs now. We’ve done a lot of walks, but I wanted us to get used to each other before trying running. Turns out she LOVES running. The first run we did together was just a 1.5 mile loop around the park and it didn’t come close to tiring her out so I decided she needs to run further.

Rosie meets Lake Michigan

I took her for three miles the other night and that successfully tired the pup out. So much so that I decided to take her by Chill on the Hill for a bit. She was so well behaved. She wanted pizza, but who can blame her? I did too. After sitting on the ground for a bit I decided to take her home and she was ready to run again. We did 3.4 miles and she was happy.

I love where I get to run.

We took it up a notch and ran with with Sara this morning and Rosie still did great. She didn’t run in front of us or try and trip us. As soon as she gets used to running I’m going to start training her to run longer. I think this is going to be great for me and the dog. And Sara and I decided it will be great running in the dark with a dog. I’m pretty sure Rosie is already protective of me. She is just so happy when we’re out running or walking.

This weekend I’m taking her camping. It will be an adventure for sure, but I think she’ll love it plus we’ll get to try trail running. She does love squirrels so who knows how she will react to other critters.

2 thoughts on “Running with Rosie

  1. I bet she’ll be happy to run even further on trails this weekend. Dexter seems to do better when I take him on trails.
    I’m pretty jealous of your dog’s running abilities!

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