Brewers Mini Marathon

Running and I have had a lot of ups and downs over the last year(s). There have been quite a few “running is stupid” moments along with fewer “I love running” moments. I’m okay with this. It needs to ebb and flow and not be something that takes over my life. I let running become something too big in my life before. I let it take over. I defined myself almost solely as a runner. I’m a person who runs and enjoys running, but there is a lot more to me and to my life.

imageI took 13 months off between half marathons. That’s not something I’ve done since I ran my first half in August 2009. I needed that break more than I realized. I needed to remember that running doesn’t have to equal racing and setting PRs. It takes a lot of time and effort to train for a PR. I needed to remember how much fun it can be and also not be afraid of 13.1, which sounds insane when it’s my favorite distance. (I maintain it’s my favorite distance I just had not run that far in a long time.)

I had so much running with friends at the Brewer’s Mini. I got to run with friends I hadn’t seen in along time. I ran through parts of Milwaukee I don’t normally run through. I ran into friends from many different points in my life. I remembered why I love this distance. It’s still something you have to work hard to do, but it is so very doable. The Brewer’s Mini was half marathon #15. I can’t really believe that. When I set out to run my first half marathon I didn’t know it would become a way of life. I didn’t know it would lead me to meet some of the most important people in my life.

wpid-IMG_333636144072957.jpegPost race on Saturday, when I could barely move, and was waddling around the house (curse the stairs), I decided that my spring race will be the Wisconsin Half. I ran it in 2012 and had a blast with Tracey and Sara. It’s a relatively flat course, much more so than that ridiculous course I ran last weekend. And it’s early May.

Lastly, while I did have fun running the Brewers Mini I will most likely not run it again. I was not a fan of the course. It was strange and hilly and ran through some parts of Milwaukee you don’t really want to run through. Plus there are other fun Milwaukee races and other fun fall races to run.


The Surprise Half Marathon

I guess I’m running the Brewers Mini Marathon this weekend. I entered a contest on Keep Running MKE‘s blog on a whim. When they announced the winner it wasn’t me so I moved on and had no intention of paying $85 to run a half marathon (the current registration fee). And out of the blue I received a DM on twitter from @KeepRuningMKE telling me I did win the entry. So 13.1 it is.

Now comes the big decision: what the hell is my race plan?13.1

I know I am absolutely not ready to race it. I’m also really curious to see what I can do right now. The geek in my has already pulled my garmin connect account up and started looking over all my recent runs, especially the long ones. I’m playing with pace calculators. My running buddy Sara is pacing the 2:15 group so there is always that option. I could just run a nice slow and easy 13.1 and get to run with Sara.  I have four days to decide obsess over it.

Either way I’m running 13.1 for the first time in 2013. This in itself is strange. My last half was August 2012. I kind of can’t believe how long it’s been. I guess I needed a break. I guess I just had to find my way back to my favorite distance.

Running and Racing: Back at it

So it’s been awhile. I’ve been to Peru and back. It wasn’t quite the trip I was hoping for. The work part was very successful, which I guess was the point of the trip. I would have photos except I’m the idiot who left her camera in the United States. My boss still hasn’t shared the photos with me. I got horribly sick and basically just wanted to be at home once we got to the “fun” part of the trip. Thanks to a weak immune system I caught something on the flight home and ended up with a summer cold the week I got back.

Rosie, post run.

I started running again. The first run back basically made me want to pass out. I was not healthy yet. Thankfully Rosie didn’t mind walking. She’s doing great as a running buddy though. She only tries to kill me and/or Sara sometimes. After two consecutive decent running weeks in a row I’m feeling much better. Plus it’s fall so I’m a much happier runner. This is by far the best time of year to run. I want to run and I want to get the dog out for runs. As you can see above, it’s much easier to do anything if I have tired the dog out.

I had a 20 mile week last week. Rosie ran 9 and did her first 4 miler. Things are looking up for both of us. I made a training plan for myself for Tyranena, but am only loosely following it. I am no longer concerned about 13.1 in November and actually have two races before that. One is a quarter marathon and one is a 15K. Just tossing in some random distances. Plus they are fun local races.