Running and Racing: Back at it

So it’s been awhile. I’ve been to Peru and back. It wasn’t quite the trip I was hoping for. The work part was very successful, which I guess was the point of the trip. I would have photos except I’m the idiot who left her camera in the United States. My boss still hasn’t shared the photos with me. I got horribly sick and basically just wanted to be at home once we got to the “fun” part of the trip. Thanks to a weak immune system I caught something on the flight home and ended up with a summer cold the week I got back.

Rosie, post run.

I started running again. The first run back basically made me want to pass out. I was not healthy yet. Thankfully Rosie didn’t mind walking. She’s doing great as a running buddy though. She only tries to kill me and/or Sara sometimes. After two consecutive decent running weeks in a row I’m feeling much better. Plus it’s fall so I’m a much happier runner. This is by far the best time of year to run. I want to run and I want to get the dog out for runs. As you can see above, it’s much easier to do anything if I have tired the dog out.

I had a 20 mile week last week. Rosie ran 9 and did her first 4 miler. Things are looking up for both of us. I made a training plan for myself for Tyranena, but am only loosely following it. I am no longer concerned about 13.1 in November and actually have two races before that. One is a quarter marathon and one is a 15K. Just tossing in some random distances. Plus they are fun local races.

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