The Surprise Half Marathon

I guess I’m running the Brewers Mini Marathon this weekend. I entered a contest on Keep Running MKE‘s blog on a whim. When they announced the winner it wasn’t me so I moved on and had no intention of paying $85 to run a half marathon (the current registration fee). And out of the blue I received a DM on twitter from @KeepRuningMKE telling me I did win the entry. So 13.1 it is.

Now comes the big decision: what the hell is my race plan?13.1

I know I am absolutely not ready to race it. I’m also really curious to see what I can do right now. The geek in my has already pulled my garmin connect account up and started looking over all my recent runs, especially the long ones. I’m playing with pace calculators. My running buddy Sara is pacing the 2:15 group so there is always that option. I could just run a nice slow and easy 13.1 and get to run with Sara.  I have four days to decide obsess over it.

Either way I’m running 13.1 for the first time in 2013. This in itself is strange. My last half was August 2012. I kind of can’t believe how long it’s been. I guess I needed a break. I guess I just had to find my way back to my favorite distance.

7 thoughts on “The Surprise Half Marathon

  1. Coooool! I say run it & see what you can do! Go I to it with zero expectations, you’ll be pleased with it, I’m sure!

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