October: Full of Running and Racing

I’m in the midst of three races in three weeks because I’m an idiot who can’t read a calendar/they are all fun local(ish) races.

Two weekends ago I ran the Monster Run quarter marathon. It was a blast. A ton of friends and my parents ran it. It was my second official quarter marathon. And thankfully was a PR (the last quarter marathon I ran was in 2008). I ran this race with my dad, which was a ton of fun. He’s faster than I am, but I run more and run farther so didn’t know what to expect. We had a blast even though it started raining on us. I’m glad it didn’t rain too hard. I made my dad spring the finish, which I don’t think he appreciated. I was especially happy with my time considering I ran 6 miles earlier in the day.

Race 1 of 3 done: 6.62 miles, 57:43

I raced as the Little Mermaid.

Both the Monster Run and the Discovery Run were costume races and after years and years of refusing to run in costume I put together a Little Mermaid costume.

The Discovery Run is a cheap, fun race put on by the Badgerland Striders and is a 15k. Now I’ve only run one other 15k and I maintain it wasn’t actually 9.3 miles. And it was horrible. And Ram Racing sucks. Never ever run a Hot Chocolate Race. /Endrant/. The Discovery run was a blast. Sara and I ran it together. Neither of us were feeling great the morning of the race and just planned on running it however we felt. Turns out we felt pretty good. The only mile over 9:00 minutes was the mile up Lincoln Memorial, the never ending hill. I really liked this course. Although I think both of us would have liked the race to be over. Sara’s awesome husband and kids were right before mile 9. It’s always great to see smiling faces out there.

Waving hi, we're almost done!
Waving hi, we’re almost done!

Race 2 of 3 done: 9.3 miles, 1:22:56

I am so happy with how both races went. I feel like I am really back and am excited for my 2014 goals. I have talked to my coach and am going to start working with him again. I have put my goals out there and am ready to work toward them.

I have several pairs of shoes I run in and rotate around. All of them have close to too many miles on them. I decided it was time for new shoes and time to try something different so I actually went to a store and tried a bunch of shoes. I loved the Mizuno Wave Riders so I present my new shoes.

New Shoes!

The current plan is to run Tyranena in the new shoes. I already have 8 miles on them so I guess a half marathon will be fine.

And just because she’s cute and an awesome running buddy here is Rosie. She is now running up to 5 miles at a time. She loves running and pushes me. Running with Rosie is like an automatic tempo run. I have to make her go slower. I’m looking forward to one of the dog friendly 5ks in the spring.

Rosie is an awesome running buddy. Sometimes we snuggle too.

6 thoughts on “October: Full of Running and Racing

  1. The quarter marathon is such a fun distance to race, I wish there were more of them! Who cares if it’s basically the same as a 10k, it’s more fun to say “quarter marathon”
    I was excited when I saw your picture of Mizunos because I thought it was the next model.. The 16s just didn’t agree with my legs.
    Looking forward to seeing you this weekend!

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