Winter Running

Winter running is running in the cold. Winter running is running in the snow. Winter running is running indoor on a treadmill. Winter running is running in circles at the Pettit National Ice Center. I think I have done all four of those this week. You have to be flexible. You have to wear seven layers one day and shorts the next. Whatever it may be I love winter running. I love snow runs. I love getting outside time when most people don’t want to go outside.

Rosie loves the snow. She made her own track in the back yard so she can run laps.
Rosie loves the snow. She made her own track in the back yard so she can run lapeople think it’s too cold to go outside.

I don’t run outside when it’s frigid or icy, which is how I ended up running 36 laps at the Pettit. I ran into some friends today and was chatting about how luck we are to have this place to run when it’s unsafe to run outside. Milwaukee is a sheet of ice. I don’t think I would have made it off my block. I also didn’t think I would make it past 6 miles on the treadmill. Thirty-six laps is 10 miles. While what seemed like half the runners in Milwaukee were running in circles there were speed skaters, figure skaters and hockey players out on the ice. With two rinks, the speed skating lanes, and the wonderful new track, that is a lot of space for people to be out being active on a cold, icy Saturday.

The nice thing right now is I am enjoying running. I am enjoying it in the cold, in the snow, on the treadmill (well sometimes), and running in circles. I love taking Rosie out in the snow. I have never seen her have as much fun as she did bounding through the snow the other day. I am excited for my spring race even though it is five months away.

I started back up with my running coach two weeks ago. I’m quite happy I did. I like getting the workouts and pushing myself more than I would otherwise.

New Year’s Day Polar Bear Dash 5k is on the horizon. I won’t be one of the crazy ones who goes in the water though. I don’t go in Lake Michigan when it’s warm, why on earth would I do it in January? I haven’t decided what my goals are yet, but I would bet good money it’s faster than any other 5k I ran this year, which were all slow and/or in the heat and I was out of shape.

One thought on “Winter Running

  1. I agree, it’s all about being flexible. The first frigid week here I changed up my routine & started doing some dance aerobics. I think you’re lucky to have friends to run with you in circles for so long. I’m not sure I’d have anyone to go with if we had a track here!

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