Three Years

Three years ago I started a new job. Three years ago I was a mess of a person. I was unhappily back in Wisconsin. I was living with my parents (albeit temporarily). I didn’t want any of it, well except for the job because it was going to pay me. I wanted to be in DC. I wanted to be with the friends I made while living there. Three years ago I was injured and hated running. Three years ago all I did was think about moving back.

Three years later I am a different person. I mean, of course I am. We all grow and change. But I really feel as though these three years have helped me figure out me. I happily call Milwaukee my home.  Three years ago I didn’t know all the wonderful people I have met in Milwaukee. I can’t imagine my life without them. Three years ago I didn’t have my mini zoo: my wonderful and crazy cats and dog. Three years ago I never fathomed owning a home.

I remembering sitting in an interview for this job and got that stupid “Where do you see yourself in five years?” question. Come on! Who knows where they will be in five years? And in all honesty I did not see myself still at this job. But the job has evolved and I have evolved and here I sit three years later. I never imagined most of what happened in the last three years and while it hasn’t been all happy moments it sure has been pretty great.

How can I predict where I will be in five years? I don’t know where I will be in six months. So here’s to the next three years. May they be filled with great people and fun adventures.


2014 Racing

I’m trying something different this year. I’m racing very minimally. My next race is the Wisconsin Half in May. I am doing this for two reasons: 1) racing is effing expensive and it’s an easy way to cut some costs and 2) I really, really want a sub 1:50 at the Wisconsin Half.

I am going to disregard that I have already run two races this years. I ran the Polar Bear Dash on New Year’s Day. It was really cold and snowy and slushy, but I ran it. I was hoping to race it to see where I was at for a 5k, but Mother Nature has been a bitch lately. We bundled up and made it out there to start off 2014 running straight at Lake Michigan. I wouldn’t say this was the best race every, but we did it.

Sara, Jen, Me, and my mom
Sara, Jen, Me, and my mom
My mom and I both placed third in our age groups!
My mom and I both placed third in our age groups!

And then three days later I ran the S-NO-W Fun Run in Lake Geneva because it is awesome. Not the run, the party. At least it was a bit warmer for this one. Really snowy though. It felt like running in sand. And because I make bad life choices I ran 8 miles at the Pettit in the morning and then drove to Lake Geneva to race 5.

At least I dragged these awesome ladies along with me.
I dragged these awesome ladies along with me. They might have all been cursing me at the start.

We found Mo and her friends who drove up from Chicago. She and I decided to run together which was fun. Finish line was just as we remembered: full of shots of schnapps. We each had one peppermint, one of Rumchatta and one Root Beer. Then we found beer and food while waiting for others.

As with two years ago the after party was awesome. We had beer, we danced, we swam, we ordered late night pizza and passed out in some really comfy beds at the Grand Geneva. Lots of fun photos, but I’m not about to share those 😉

So a fun first week of the year and now it’s time to hunker down and train, which would be great if we hadn’t hit ridiculously frigid temperatures. I have been running almost solely on the treadmill and at the Pettit. So many circles.

I’m using the Wisconsin Half and Ragnar Chicago to get me through it and finally got to run outside today. Bit by bit I will get to May.