Wisconsin Half Marathon: Race Recap

I find I’m not actually very good at writing these recaps, but I’ll give it a go anyways.

We all know I was under trained and had thrown my goals out the window. I think I still ran the race because 1) Thai Phi was coming into town to run it and 2) I’ve wasted a lot of money on races I didn’t end up running.

Long story short: I am so glad I ran the Wisconsin Half. It was almost perfect weather. I got to see lots of friends on the course. Several friends got PRs. All in all a very good race day.

Lake Michigan
Lake Michigan

The night before involved me picking Thai Phi and Mark up at the airport, getting dinner and then picking out race outfits. Thai Phi brought approximately 14 options and I turned out to be useless in helping her decide. After catching up for a bit we realized we needed to go to bed since we were getting up at 5:00am. I slept surprisingly well for the night before a race and before I knew it we were all up and heading over to Erica and Chris’s condo. Chris was wonderful and got up at an hour he doesn’t believe exists to drive us all down to Kenosha.

We got dropped off as close as cars were allowed and immediately wanted to get back in the car. It was windy down by the start. Bathroom lines, gear check and finding friends all took very little time thanks to this being a small race. As we all wandered to the start we said good luck and separated out to our respective pace areas.

My race plan was to go out very easy. I have never concentrated so much on holding my pace back. I had to just let people go by and follow my plan. My plan was to stick around 10:00 min/miles for the first three miles. None of them were at 10:00, but they were close and I’m glad I kept it at that pace. I slowly picked up my pace and was quite happy to see Mark and Chris at mile 5.5. I chucked my arm warmers at them as I had taken them off around mile 3.

Running and smiling!
Running and smiling!

The out and back portion was beautiful and not too windy. I got to see almost everyone I knew who was running the race during that portion. As I got to mile 10 I thought I was going to speed up more than I did, but really just ran what I felt and reminded myself that I was not fully trained for a half marathon. I did end up passing lots of the people who went by at the start and that made me feel good. I tried really hard not to pay attention to my overall time and just watched my pace. I saved enough to really sprint in the finish and then felt like I was going to puke when I crossed the finish line. I didn’t. I grabbed some water and cheese and then went to get my gear bag. Compression socks were a must.

I made it back over to the finish line to see Thai Phi finish and set a new PR. Her two best half marathons are both in Wisconsin. I, not so secretly, love this. It means she has to come back. We grabbed the finish line cheese and went to get out beer and brats.

Wisconsin Half: Thai Phi and me with our beer and cheese
Thai Phi and me with our beer and cheese

We enjoyed our beer and brats and waited for Erica to finish while listening to the Polkaholics. They weren’t good. Thankfully the sun was out so it wasn’t too cold once we weren’t running. As we were heading to the car at a brisk waddle pace we got to see Tracey come in for the finish. Once arriving back in Milwaukee it was declare shower and nap time. Thank goodness I got that nap in.

Half Marathon #18

5 thoughts on “Wisconsin Half Marathon: Race Recap

  1. Love that you felt like you were going to puke after the finish so you grabbed some water and CHEESE!! HA! That’s awesome. Sounds like a fun race. Anything with cheese at the end has to be great.

      1. There’s almost always spicy jambalaya and red beans and rice at the end of our races and people think we’re crazy too.

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