Ragnar Week!

It’s Ragnar week! Basically the only thing on my mind is Ragnar and how to get to Thursday evening. Sadly I have a very busy week at work and can’t only think about Ragnar. Heck, I haven’t even started packing unless you count the candy and snacks I bought at Target yesterday. And yes, I do need gummy bears and skittles. The skittles are about 90% for Sara.

Instead of writing another packing list or giving helpful hints (Past Ragnar Posts) I’m going to repost photos from all the fun we’ve had over the last three years. I can’t believe this is year number four. I have had so many awesome adventures and made some amazing friends. We learn from each year and always have a good time.

We are on Facebook and Twitter again this year, as team I Just Felt Like Running. Follow along if you want. We will probably get really stupid the later it gets. It always happens.

Van 2, 2011
Van 2, 2011
Van 2, 2012
Team Awesome Van 2, 2012
Van 1, 2013
Bitches Be Crazy Van 1, 2013
Bitches Be Crazy 2013
Bitches Be Crazy 2013


One thought on “Ragnar Week!

  1. You DO need gummy bears and skittles!!! Awww…I was supposed to be in that van in 2011. Such a great group. Have fun you guys and can’t wait to follow on twitter and FB!

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