Walk, Run and Wag 5k

I ran this race last year as part of a friend’s Bachlorette weekend. It was picked solely because it fell on the right day. Then I adopted my wonderful Rosie last July and realized I could run the six-legged race in 2014. I basically registered the second it opened and paid an extra $5 for Rosie to get an adorable kerchief.

She's adorable.
She’s adorable.

My mom decided to run it with us so we all drove over to Tosa in the morning. Rosie had decided she was afraid to go outside that morning so we had to take a bathroom stop as soon as we arrived. As a responsible dog owner I’m always prepared. Rosie and I checked in and mom registered herself. We still had a lot of time to wait so I let Rosie sniff every dog that we walked past. She behaved so well I can’t even believe it. I tried to get her to go into one of the little pools, but that didn’t work.

I think there was a little too much waiting around for Rosie. She started to get antsy. I don’t blame her. The 5k for just people started first. Finally it was our turn to go. The mass start overwhelmed her and she spent the first half mile checking to make sure I was still behind her. We had to make another bathroom stop at about three quarters of a mile. Thankfully the water stop had garbages and water bowls for the dogs. Rosie decided she need water from all three bowls. It was warm and humid so I wasn’t going to stop her. Sometimes I forget just how happy she is when she is running. We stopped at all three water stops and then pushed it on in for the finish. Since mom ran with the first group (no dogs) she was at the finish to capture us.

Rosie's first 5k
Rosie’s first 5k

Overall it was a blast to run a race with my favorite running buddy. Rosie has been a great addition to my home and loves running probably more than I do. It wasn’t fast, but it was her first time running with that many people and dogs. We’ll do another one for sure.

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