Ready to Run

I know I’m finally ready to run again. Yes I know I was cleared to start running awhile ago, but I was afraid. Since we never really knew what was wrong with my foot or how I did it I’ve been terrified that it’s not healed or that I’ll hurt it again. But now, for shrewdest the second time in 2015, I’m sitting at a race, not running. My friends are running a half marathon. I want to run a half marathon. Heck, I want to run a 5k.

This is on me. I need to get back to my run/walk build up. I’ve used illnesses as excuses. I’ve used spin class as an excuse. I’ve used fear. I need to get over all of it and just run because at this point I’m sick of listening to myself. I’ll never get back to running half marathons if I don’t run.

So my new mantra is get over yourself and run. No more excuses.