Running Again: For Real

I have followed through on my last post. I’m following my own advice. I’m running again. It’s great. I did my first run with no walk breaks since August yesterday. It was a beautiful snow run through a local park. It looked like a winter wonderland and felt amazing I wanted to just keep running and running but decided to still stop at twenty minutes since it was my first run with no walk breaks. I feel like I’m finally getting somewhere.

I’m still spinning two to three times a week and really enjoying that. I’ve found the instructors I like and know it’s good to keep up the cross training. My plan at this point it to keep going to spin two to three times a week and to continue building my runs up by running three times a week. Once I’ve got a base of being able to run I would like to build up some distance, but at this point I’d just like to get some base miles in. Now that I have done twenty minutes I want to sign up for a 5k just to prove to myself I can still do it. Getting to twenty-five minutes and then thirty minutes shouldn’t be too far away at this point.

2015 Plans:

  • Ragnar Chicago – June
  • Milwaukee Running Festival – November

I am terrified of doing too much too soon so have banned myself from registering for anything else at this point. I will probably need to be one of the runners with lower mileage for Ragnar, but really after last year I’ll just be happy to run all three legs. I believe a November half marathon is safe as far as building up distance and speed. Sticking with baby steps and I’ll eventually get back to distance running.

2 thoughts on “Running Again: For Real

  1. Whoohooo!!! Way to go girl!!! YAY! So excited for you. I’m doing the same. Very hesitant to sign up for any big races for fear of doing too much too soon. You’re on the right track. Awesome.

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