Training Smarter

If you know me or read my blog it’s fairly obvious that I’m injury prone. I’ve probably spent more time in orthopedic doctor’s offices than all other types of doctors combined. I’ve spent who knows how much time in physical therapy. It’s infuriating when I try to be smart about things and not pile on the mileage too quickly and listen to my body. This time around I was really careful and probably could have started running early than I did, but I was afraid.

I’ve been going to anywhere from 1-4 spin classes a week for the last several months and have a base fitness which is great. I’ve translated running fitness to the bike before, but never the other way around. I’m really enjoying cycling and have every intention of continuing with it as I get back to running. I know I need to cross train. I know I need to take better care of my body. I desperately want to stay away for the orthopedic doctor and they physical therapist. Nothing against them.

Yesterday I met with a personal trainer. I have used a running coach. I have been on a tri team. But this time I decided I need more help with the non-cardio part of my fitness. I want to be more healthy overall and not just have running fitness or cycling fitness. My goal is to get stronger. I know I can get myself back to running half marathons. I don’t worry about that. I physical-fitness-woman-weight-liftingworry about strength training and core work. I hate it. I hate all of it and usually just end up laying on my yoga mat doing nothing. That’s not productive. By wonderful luck, I was matched up with a trainer that I think is great. She was happy that I was so specific in what I want and I’m happy she has a history of working with injured people. We had a very productive conversation and I have high hopes I will actually enjoy this. I start next week and can’t wait to get stronger and healthier.

2 thoughts on “Training Smarter

  1. I like your blog makeover! I get what you mean about laying on the yoga mat unproductive, I do that a lot. Genius idea to see a personal trainer for this, I’m sure it’s going to make a world of a difference for you.

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